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  • arthritis

    Arthritis and Joint Pain Workshop at PRO Therapy

    Thursday, August 15th

    THIS FREE WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU IF: 1You suffer with hip pain or knee pain when you stand or walk. 2You have pain and stiffness after you sit for a while. 3You experience pain, weakness or stiffness into your...

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  • Neck & Shoulder Pain Workshop

    Thursday, July 25th

    THIS FREE WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU IF: 1You’re losing sleep or can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in. 2You’ve missed work because of your shoulder pain. 3You’ve missed out on family vacation or you’ve given up your hobbies...

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  • Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

    Thursday, July 11th

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  • Balance & Fall Prevention Workshop

    Tuesday, January 22nd

    THIS FREE WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU IF: 1You’ve fallen in the past or are afraid of falling in the future. 2Your balance has become more unsteady or walking has become more difficult for you. 3You’ve found yourself worrying more...

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