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Joint Replacements Lake Havasu City, AZ

Joint Replacements


Total joint replacement surgery for an arthritic hip or knee can be a frightening thought.

The 2 most important things to consider are finding a surgeon you’re comfortable with, and just as important is the quality of your rehabilitation. “You get out of it, what you put into it”, has never been more true to determine your result with this type of surgery.

3 Secrets to a Great Hip or Knee Replacement

The difference between a great outcome and a bad one regarding a total joint replacement are 3 simple steps.

  1. PREHAB: Prehab is simply doing a pre-surgical physical therapy program to help strengthen and prepare you for the surgery you’re about to undergo. You may think, “My knee or hip already hurts, why would I do exercise?” Particularly on a joint that already hurts and will eventually be repaired. After all, I’ll be going to physical therapy AFTER surgery.” You’re not alone. The last thing most patients can think about is exercising an already painful limb. However, an effective prehab program can maximize your recovery and improve outcomes. Performing a prehab program designed by a physical therapist can help control existing pain, while maintaining or even restoring strength and motion. Multiple medical studies have demonstrated that doing a pre-surgical training program results in a much faster recovery, and a better end result.
  2. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Part of planning for this type of surgery is getting yourself ready. Make sure you’re eating right, getting good sleep, and are preparing your body for your procedure. If you have diabetes, getting your blood sugar under control and stabilized can help.
  3. PLAN AHEAD. The time immediately after surgery is a difficult time to try to arrange the things you need. Make plans ahead of time for a family member or friend to help you with transportation or shopping needs. Arrange for equipment that you may need, such as a walker, cane, raised toilet seat, or a shower chair. Many times you will find a friend or family member that has some of these things and is no longer using them. Ask around–youcall may be surprised. Pre-schedule your Physical Therapy evaluation to avoid a delay in your recovery. The general guideline is four to seven days after the surgery date. PRO Therapy can pre-schedule your appointment, and we have the flexibility to adjust the time to your needs.

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