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September 2016

September 2016

Stevie, P.T. Technician with Kurt Krueger

“Earlier this year I had an ACDF surgery on my neck. Five cervical vertebrae were fused. I had to wear a hard neck brace 24/7 for three months. During that time, neck and shoulder muscles do weird things. When the brace came off, I had to go to physical therapy. So, I went to PRO Therapy with a description of my surgery. The folks there are familiar with ACDF surgery and explained what happened to my muscles while wearing the brace and what their game plan was for me. Fused vertebrae will have some mobility restrictions but I was far from reaching my potential. After three weeks of therapy, my mobility improved 100%, if not more. I was also given instructions for exercises to do at home to keep the mobility I now have.

So, to the great folks at PRO Therapy, thank you, you’re the best.”


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