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October 2017

October 2017

   “Before I met the PRO Therapy team, I was suffering from chronic back pain and two arthritic knees needing surgery. My daily activities were curtailed. I had a bad attitude, simply vacuuming or shopping meant at least one day to recover. I knew I needed to keep moving, but it HURT! Then I went to John Twomey’s Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop. What could it hurt to take advantage of the offered free assessment? His prognosis, “We can help you.” So I signed up.

   The outcome: I loved everyone at PRO Therapy, each person is professional, kind, upbeat, helpful, encouraging and fun. I am so happy and STRONGER! I now have less lingering pain and the tools (specific exercises) to continue to support my bones and lessen my pain. I actually look forward to now moving my body. Thank you to all my new friends and support team at PRO Therapy for all your help and encouragement. I am looking forward to getting to know the PRO Wellness team as I continue to keep my body working with less discomfort. PRO Therapy- This community needs you!”

                       Patient, Barbara Stewart, with Julie Weiss, PTA.

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