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May 2017

May 2017
John Twomey, PT, with patient, Bill Miranda


     “On my first visit to PRO Therapy, I arrived in my wheel chair and in a short time John had me out of the chair and walking (4 or 5 steps) with a walker for the first time in two years. On my second visit, I was walking around the building with several stops for rest. From then on my sessions consisted of stretching and walking. Walking included out the door and down to the street and back. After just a few visits they wanted me to give up my chair and come in using only the walker. When they asked me this I thought they meant someday. I knew I could not walk out the door and into the van and walk into the building by myself. But they kept asking, so I (with my wife’s urging) walked out the front door into the van, out of the van and into the office. John and his staff all congratulated me telling me they knew I was ready a long time ago. Now, I am learning to walk using just a cane.

       PRO Therapy has changed my life. My mobility is more than I ever expected it to be. I was hoping to be able to get into the car, the shower and the swimming pool. Getting into the car and the shower now seem easy… I plan to go swimming in the next few days.

Thank you PRO Therapy!”

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