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January 2017

January 2017

Alisha “Leah” Fulker, PT, D.P.T. with patient, Tina Helart

     “My shoulder issues went from slight pain to severe within a matter of months. I was unable to lift my arm up any higher than my shoulder. I couldn’t wash my hair or put a belt on with both hands and I couldn’t put my hair up without help. The worst thing was that I couldn’t sleep in any comfortable position using any kind of pillow, sitting up or laying down. I never felt any pain like it.

     After just over 4 months of pre and post-op PT at PRO Therapy, I can now wash my hair, put my hair up, and put a belt on with both hands. I can even scratch the back of my neck! Best of all, I can sleep through most of the night. I still have a way to go but they have given me the tools to continue with my recovery and in no time the pain will be a distant memory.

     Everyone at PRO Therapy puts their all into helping the patients get better, and not just our body parts but they also help our spirits, too! I am forever grateful to the entire staff at PRO Therapy!”

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