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Patient Results

  • I came to PRO Therapy for PT and exercises, but the dry needling really did the trick! It took care of my hip and leg problem so quick!

  • I do believe the cupping was a big part of my success! PRO Therapy definitely made positive results for me.

  • I had constant, unrelenting neck pain and head aches every morning. Not anymore! After just few months of PT my pain is gone!

  • I am very happy with my treatment. I have done deep tissue laser therapy and dry needling.. I don’t like needles, but my Physical Therapist is very good and made me feel very comfortable.

  • I came to PRO Therapy with constant pain, now I am living a pain free life.


  • PRO Therapy is a wonderful place for healing! Leah is such a blessing to have. I was so sick- I had very little hope of regaining my health. Due to my physical therapy, not only my hope, but my joy was restored and I was able to heal. I am happy to say that I am now pain free!


  • Pain is a thing of the past now. I am able to do my chores and have fun without worry! I feel so much stronger.


  • The staff has been a pleasure to work with and are very nice. Leah was amazing and made it fun to work through my problems even when it was very difficult.


  • Before therapy, I had terrible headaches and stiffness in my neck throughout my nights. Since therapy, I haven’t had any headaches and seldom notice any stiffness or pain. I have greatly improved.


  • The pain in my foot subsided within several treatments. The PRO Therapy team is very knowledgeable and actually seem to care about my progress. It is amazing what a few changes and exercises can do to improve your quality of life.


  • Clean, friendly environment. John was very knowledgeable about my injury/surgery and the process of recovery for it! The confidence John showed was extremely comforting to me- Great job!


  • My goals included increased function and decreased pain. I was treated in a professional and pleasant manner- from check in, P.T., P.T.A. and staff. My goals were reached and all questions answered thoroughly.


  • Very professional, always on time. I am completely satisfied with my care.


  • I am so happy I chose PRO Therapy.  My shoulder feels so much better.  I’m back to normal.  I can take care of things, and am back to doing things I love.  The staff here is great!


  • PRO Therapy staff is professional, friendly and encouraging.  I would recommend them to everyone.


  • When I had hip and knee surgery PRO Therapy was there for me.  I strongly recommend them to anyone.  Job well done. Thank you!


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